Hilarious Early Entries From the 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016 (see 2015 here) came to an end on October 1st, and while we‘re waiting for the winners to be announced, let‘s explore the best entries of this year.

We’ve all seen those majestic, fantastic photos that show just how incredible wildlife is.  The animals look fantastic and very regal in their stances, and they’re very representative of the life that they are living.  Then, there are these photos.  They are the newest additions to the contest of 2016 comedy wildlife photography awards and, as the name suggests, these are all about showing off the hilarious side of the animals that photographers spend so much time with.

Just a glance at the first couple of photos is enough to show you just how many of these that photographers have kicking around.  For our benefit, we’re hoping that they’ll show them all to the public so that we can all have a laugh and deem them all winners.  The hard part is going to be, as mentioned, choosing the best one to win the prize.

Should it be about the funniest expression?  The most human position?  The best overall photo?  The one that makes you laugh so hard you cry?  There are so many ways that a winner can be chosen that it simply depends on what the judges deem to be the most important criteria.  The best part about all of this is that there will be lots of contenders to take the prize, and the judges (as well as us) are going to have all sorts of fun trying to choose the winner.

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-2016-1Angela Bohlke

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016Adam Parsons

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016Gil Gofer

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016Perdita Petzl

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016Philip Marazzi

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016Mario Gustavo Fiorucci

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016Artyom Krivosheev