Two puppies fell into a pit with a cobra. Then something incredible happened

Strange things actually happen in India, the land of wonders! One day, a man spotted a dog barking fiercely at a well and he knew that something is not normal. He took a closer look and found that the sight was actually disturbing.

Two puppies of the dog which was barking had fallen into the pit of the largest venomous snake in the world: The King Cobra!

The man who saw this was terrified at the sight and saw that the two puppies in the well had a companion: The deadly and dangerous King Cobra!

cobra guards puppies well

However, the strangest part was that the cobra did not attack the shivering puppies and instead, was found to be protecting them by herding to a safe corner of the pit!

cobra guards puppies well

The puppies were in the same pit for the next 48 hours before they were rescued!

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