30 Funny Pics Of People Sharing Their Cleaning Failures

It’s obvious that robot vacuums make our lives easier. But, this time, here is a list of people painfully funny cleaning failures!

1. A Volunteer At Our Local Cat Rescue Turned On The Vacuum


2. Came Into The Kitchen To Find That My Dog Trapped The Dead Roomba With His Toys


3. Roomba Suicide In My House Last Night. It Somehow Wrapped Up Its Sensors In Toilet Paper And Headed Off The Edge


4. I Found This While Vacuuming Under Our Bed


5. Received A Notification From My iRobot App. “Roomba Requires Your Attention. Roomba Is Stuck Near A Cliff”


6. Local Doggie Daycare Learned A Valuable Lesson About Leaving A Roomba In The Reception Area

cleaning failsjacksonkeirmclean

7. So Your Vacuum Cleaner Doesn’t Work

cleaning failsireadforthearticle

8. This Is What Happens When Your Wife Leaves The Door Open To The Pool Area. Your Expensive Robot Vacuum Decides It Wants To Meet The Pool Vacuum… Goddammit

cleaning fails


9. Roomba, The Nope Of Dog World

cleaning failsMakattic

10. Not Only Did It Steal The Bloody Shower Towel It Tried To Hide Under The Vanity Thing. I Suppose It Wanted To Snack In Private

cleaning failsSidragon1