City of Habu: Stunning Archeological Site in Egypt

The City of Habu located in Luxor, Egypt is an archeological site dating back to thousands of years ago. It is no secret that Ancient Egypt is one of the most interesting parts of human history. Relics from this era, such as the pyramids, sphinxes, temples, statues, and many more, continue to fascinate the modern world. Historians consider the architectural genius, and mechanical and technological engineering of the Ancient Egyptians unique and nearly unmatched in quality and efficiency. In a land that is full of marvels, the City of Habu manages to stand out, from its temples to its famous hieroglyphs.

City of Habu
City of Habu statues

The City of Habu is mainly famous for the Temple of Ramses III. While the construction for the temple probably began in the 12th century BCE, records show that there were structures on the site as far as the 21st century BCE. Ancient Egyptians believed that this location was the place where Amon, the king of all deities in Egyptian mythology, appeared for the first time. Before Ramses III started the build his mortuary temple, he saw that there existed a temple dedicated to Amon.

City of Habu temple columns

The Temple of Amon in the City of Habu is one of the most well-preserved architectural pieces in Egypt. From the time the 18th Dynasty members built it, around 1500 BCE, nearly all other dynasties altered the temple in some way. Moreover, even the Romans, when they made Egypt a Roman state, modified the Temple of Amon.

City of Habu temple

The Temple of Ramses III dominates the Habu city grounds. It is 150 meters long and stands on massive pylons full of carvings and images. These images represent various events from Ramses III’s life, from the wars he fought to the festivals he attended. Especially, the images depicting his victory against the Sea Peoples who wanted to invade Eygpt, are the highlight of the column art of the temple.

temple of ramses
City of Habu from above
City of Habu profile
City of Habu columns
City of Habu carvings
hieroglyphs at the site
site hieroglyphs
ramses statue