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Chinese Zoo Locks Visitors in Cages, Lets Animals Roam Free

The Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo Gives Stunning and Exciting Animal Interaction to Visitors

In a typical zoo, animals are in cages especially those animals that can harm people.  However, at Lehe Ledu Wildlife has a way to give stunning animal interaction experiences to their guests.  Lehe Ledu Wildlife is located in Chongqing city, China.  Chongqing city, China gives opportunities to their guests to acquire actual animal interaction to animals which are usually seen in cages such as lions, tigers and many more.

Guests can visit Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo to acquire interesting and exciting animal interaction. Instead of viewing animals in the cage, at Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo, visitors will stay in the back part of the truck as the truck will make its way inside the park. Visitors are well protected since the truck is well secured. Animals are free to roam and they can often come closer to truck. For sure, most of visitors want to see animals, Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo puts huge chunks of animal’s meat tied up in the bars of the truck so that these beasts can lure.

lets animals roam free

This stunning and incredible animal tour was launched officially for the people last month. However, there are now many people who want to experience this alluring and exciting animal wild life tour. One proof that there are many people who want to experience this unique animal interaction is that tickets to experience this animal tour were sold out for the next three months.

lets animals roam free

According to Chan Liang, public information office of Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo, they give excellent warnings to their visitors to keep their hands inside the cage to eliminate the risk and possibility that animals can harm them. Proper information dissemination about rules and regulations are being properly implemented in order to ensure safety of all guests. They conduct comprehensive orientation to all their guests before the tour as part of their methods to provide safe and fun animal interaction.

lets animals roam free

As of now, there are many animal lovers who dream of visiting Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo. The zoo is the only one zoo in the country that gives stunning and face to face animal interaction to animals. Looks like that this marketing strategy of Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo works to many people. This strategy is a brght idea that can relatively alleviate bookings of the zoo.

lets animals roam free

Local and international travellers are well advised to visit Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo so that they can get stunning and memorable travel experiences specifically at Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo. The zoo welcomes more inquiries from people who are interested to get face to face animal interaction.

By means of visiting Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo, for sure, you’ll acquire great experiences that you can cherish for the rest of your life. Local and international travellers who are interested to experience this unique animal tool are highly recommended to set their tour reservation ahead of time since there are also many people who want to experience this great animal tour.  No doubt that Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo is one of stunning animal zoos that offer great animal tour.

lets animals roam free

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