What Happens When This Guy Stretches Out Beneath A Tree Will Make You So Jealous

Dolph C. Volker is a volunteer at the Cheetah Experience in South Africa, where he gets to interact with some truly gorgeous and magnificent big cats. The two cheetahs in the sanctuary eventually got to know and trust Volker overtime, forming an adorable friendship with him. In no time at all these potentially ferocious cheetahs turned into balls of adorable fluff, who love to spend time getting cuddles and kisses from Volker. Just take a look at Eden as she notices her pal chilling out under a tree  – we have seen house cats show less affection!


cheetah nap

The sweet licks are an adorable sign of affection…

But with a tongue like this, it’s not just her teeth he’s worried about causing pain.

cheetah nap

Watch the whole adorable snuggle session below:

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