Ceramic Cups Melt Into Puddles of Patterned Porcelain

Ceramic Cups

Artwork in all of its forms is breathtaking. This is because there is a lot to love about the different kinds of art out there, and you will find it interesting in many different ways. This is one way that we bet you’ve never seen before. It’s melted ceramics that – while they pool around and create amazing pieces of art – hold onto their original patterns and introduce us to the power of photography. This is a really interesting kind of art that combines solids and liquids in a tasteful combination that will really inspire you to go out and try to create it for yourself. Since most of us have old china that we don’t use, we can probably allow that to happen. Before you know it, you’ll be as captivating as this incredible, professional artist, though you can’t say you came up with the idea itself. No matter, good art is meant to be shared amongst those who admire it.

Ceramic Cups

Ceramic Cups




Ceramic Cups



Livia Marin’s website via [cosascool]

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