The Cat Who Owns a Metro Station

What is the story behind viral video of the cat, sitting in front of escalator and not bothered by people passing it through?

cat who owns a Metro Station

The clip, which is only 8 seconds, shows how careful people are not to cause any harm to the cat as they step out of the escalator. The video which was taken in one of the Istanbul’s metro stations Taksim, received millions of views on social media.

cat who owns a Metro Stationcredit: Gizem Aydın (left)

Brandon Thompson who took a video commented: “Taksim metro cat really doesn’t care about you”. Indeed, a cat appears to be indifferent to everyone around it. This mischievous calico has absolutely no fear of people.

cat who owns a Metro Stationcredit: bzzt_624

And why should it? Turkish people are apparently very kind and caring to animals hence the relaxed behaviour of this metro cat. Imagine how many people this cat faces with on everyday basis, yet nobody kicks or hurts a cat in any way.

cat who owns a Metro Stationcredit: Mehlika Baş

This calico cat did not end up in metro station by accident.: It was her choice. Not out of homelessness – cats normally live outside in this country – but because this cat preferred to stay in metro station over other place. It has been living in there for three years already.

She never goes hungry: shop owners feed her daily, and many other people who used Taksim station. Obviously, sometimes there is more food than she can eat as in a photo below.

cat who owns a Metro Stationcredit: William Armstrong

She is like other Anatolian cats, who chose to hang around shops, restaurants, museums or mosques in Istanbul and elsewhere in Turkey. You do not hear people complaining about these cats.

cat who owns a Metro Station

Cats have a right to choose where they like to stay and who they want to interact with and when. People have to respect this. Period.

Metro cat does not like to share the station with other cats.

cat who owns a Metro Stationcredit: Özgür Yavuz

Here are some more photographs of the metro cat. Notice her love for excavators. She thinks that it is a fantastic place to sleep!

cat who owns a Metro Station

credit: Mehlika Baş

cat who owns a Metro Station

cat who owns a Metro Stationcredit: Laylaylom Dutturudunya

The metro cat will probably block the escalator exits for more years to come. Who are we to tell her not to?

The metro station is hers and we better watch out where we step onto.

Here is a video that made a metro cat famous:

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