Is This The Strangest Thing You Could Ever Buy For Your Cat?

Pets often find themselves victim to the whims of their owner, and this has never been more apparent with the latest accessory for cats, eloquently known as the Twinkle Tush. In case you could not have guess it, this is a decoration aimed to provide a more pleasant shine and sparkle to your cats rear end, which can sometimes rear its rather vibrant self whenever your cats tail stands on end. Deemed too unsightly for some, such as the Twinkle Tush designers at Cat Crib, the jewel hangs harmlessly from your cat’s tail and can provide ample cover for their private areas. Apparently they should only be used sparingly, for those moments where you need to take photos of your cat and their butthole just keeps getting in the way. For $6 though they would make quite a funny gift we reckon, can’t see many cats being too pleased with it mind you…

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