This cat won’t stop bringing home sponges, humans are baffled

He always looks so proud when he brings one home!

Milo the cat is a bit different. Instead of hunting and bringing home things like mice and birds, he likes to hunt sponges.

“Some cats bring home mice or birds, ours brings home sponges…” Funkmon_360 shared on reddit.


So proud!

He’s done this multiple times. Here’s another where his human dad heard meowing and looked outside and saw this.


His humans are baffled.

When asked where this little fur ball is hunting these wild sponges, his dad replied: “I think we have some very confused neighbors.”

He simply won’t stop!


When he’s not out hunting sponges, Milo loves derping around at home.


Maybe he’s trying to tell them something? Like for the love of Mufasa, please clean the house? Is he implying the humans are dirty? Who knows!