Cat Rescued Hours Before Death Row, Can’t Stop Thanking His Rescuer On Their Way Home

An adorable kitten named Henry was saved to live just a few hours before it was going to face its death row. You will be delighted to look at the way how it started thanking its rescuer!

Adelle, a dedicated foster caretaker rescued Henry from a pound, who works for a popular organization called Cat Rescue Newcastle. They realized that it was a matter of few hours before which they had to get involved and save the life of a kitten. It did matter. They were successfully able to save a life. The moment Henry realized that he is safe, it continued cuddling and kissing the rescuer. In the matter of a few hours, Adelle was also able to find a new owner for this cute and adorable cat.

Henry had only few hours before death row.


Adelle pitched in and rescued Henry from a pound.


You will be amazed looking at how Henry started to thank her.


Soon enough, Adelle also found a new owner for Henry.


Look at how happy Henry seems.


Watch this video and you will be happy looking at how cute Henry is!

More info: Cat Rescue Newcastle

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