Photographer Groans Internally When 10 Mins Before Closing He Sees Mom Walk In, But Then He Notices Her Daughter

When you are just about winding up a very hectic, busy day, the only thing on your mind is to close up shop and go home! You can’t believe how a few lousy minutes can take hours to get through. All of a sudden, here comes a phone call you don’t really want to take or someone walks in the door at the last minute. Your brain is already disengaged and you find these occurrences annoying.

Let’s face it, we all want to pass the responsibility of a phone call or a customer on to someone else so we can just get out!  Well, the next time you become a little annoyed, I hope you will think of this photographer who didn’t pass the bill on to someone else and the impact it had on three people’s lives, including his own.

This story was first published on the true story website Not Always Right. It’s the story of a desperate mother, a very sick little girl, and a big-hearted photographer.

People reacted with emotion to the powerful story of human kindness