People Who Were Lying Clearly Got Called Out, And It’s Really Satisfying

The subreddit community r/quityourbulls**t dedicated to sharing the screenshots that calling out to lying people!

1. Getting Second Hand Embarrassment On This One


2. Wear A Damn Mask

Got Called Outuhm_i_dont_know

3. Jacob Wohl Has Never Been One For The Truth

Got Called OutSean8162

4. “Who Was The First Country On Planet Earth To Ban Slavery? That’s Right, America”

Got Called OutMicroFlamer

5. I Hope You All Enjoy This Comeback


6. Weather Experts

people Got Called Outgeorgthmnky

7. Karen Gets Tossed For Not Wearing A Mask; Kevin Gives 1 Star


8. These People Are… So Stupid


9. Can’t Stand These Fools

people Got Called OutPanzer-Hawk

10. Clean And Simple

people Got Called OutEhrahbass