This Amazing Cake Changes Colors As You Turn It…And I Want It!

There are all sorts of bizarre trends buzzing around the internet, some interesting and some not so much.  This incredible and exciting cake with all of its frosting is one that you’re going to want to read about, though.  It looks delicious and simple, yes, but when it turns around in a circle, you can see why it is attracting so much attention: it changes colour. People everywhere are trying to understand how it goes from red and orange or purple and blue.  The whole only conclusion that people are able to agree on is that it does change colour, and there are a variety of opinions as to why.  Some believe it is an optical illusion that tricks the eye into thinking each perspective is a different colour, whereas others believe that the cake changes colour as it turns because the backer put different coloured icing on each side of the ridge, showing the colours spiral as it turns.  People all over the world are trying to replicate it and the results – as delicious as they are – aren’t quite up to par with the example.