A Heart-warming Moment When Students Gift Café Worker With Her Dream Holiday

Elton University is home to a very kind hearted café worker named Kathryn Thompson who could not quite believe her eyes after receiving the gift of a lifetime from students of the University – a trip for Kathryn and her family to visit Disney World
Taylor Zisholtz and Lucy Smith-Williams had always noticed just how much a warm hearted person Kathryn was each and every time they found themselves in the café of their university. She is also noted for her tireless work ethic, which she has taken with her to work for the past ten years.
“In a world where everybody is so cold, they keep their wishes and their feelings all to themselves. With Kathryn it was just an open door, she welcomes everyone, in and she works so hard,” Taylor says.
The Acorn Coffee shop is the café where Kathryn regularly brightens up the day of the students of the University, where she enjoys having a nice chat with everyone. Such was the case one day when she overheard Lucky and Taylor talking about Lucy’s home state of Florida.
Kathryn got very excited upon hearing this, going on to ask “How long does it take to drive from here to Florida? And how much do you think that it would cost for me to take my family of five to Disney World?”
Excitement soon turned into an emotional moment, where Kathryn stated to cry because she just really wanted to treat her family to a great holiday.
“I just want that so badly,” she confessed. “I have never been anywhere but here.”
It was then Taylor and Lucy decided what they wanted to do – get some funds together to pay for the vacation that Kathryn had been dreaming of treating her family to for years.
After only a couple of weeks, the students of the university had pulled together to raise and impressive $7,000 so Kathryn and her family go finally go on a much deserved holiday. Everyone can agree that this kind gesture was more than deserved for Kathryn, who has been a diligent worker at the café for a decade.
“She’s been here for a long time,” said Glenn Austin, Acorn’s assistant location manager. “She’s dependable. She hardly ever calls off and is a stable employee for the night shift. I think it’s a wonderful surprise.”
Have a look at the video and see if you can avoid tearing up at the touching moment!