Super Dad Pens Amazing Song for Daughter Who Suffering From Bullying

Bullying is unfortunately something that most have to encounter in their lives. For most, this occurs during school years, where it is all too common to be at odds with a bully. Some never have to deal with it on a severe level, but the experience can still be very traumatic for a young person, especially the younger that person is. When one girl was on the receiving end of bullying in her school, she did the right thing in confining in an adult, in this case her father. Her father was understandably upset, but took a much different approach to dealing with it than most would. He decided to pen his daughter a poem about just how great she was and to inspire her not to be put down from bully’s at all. Before he knew it, the poem had music added to it and had evolved into an anti-bullying song. Now the song has become a smash hit for anti-bullying campaigns and used to help empower children who have had to deal with bullying in any shape or form.


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