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Worried Dog Has 24 Hours Left To Live, Until He Meets The Man He’s Destined To Save

Robert Patterson is a veteran of the Vietnam War who decided one day that it was time to get a dog. Rather than paying for a puppy, he decided to do go to a local pound and rescue one of the dogs staying there.

Looking through each of the dogs at the pound that were up for adoption, Robert just didn’t feel a connection with any of them and decided to leave it for another time. However, right before he left he came across one little guy that changed everything.

Buddy was a rescue dog that didn’t want Robert to leave without taking him along as well, going to great efforts to keep him in the shelter. Robert felt an immediate connection to Buddy and took him home that very day, which was nothing short of miraculous – Buddy was set to be euthanized the very next day!

Somehow Robert had been convinced to take the one dog home that had less than 24 hours to live had it not been for him. And it seems that Buddy was looking to return the favour.

After happily living together, Robert noticed that Buddy was acting a little stranger than usual. He would continually paw at his owner’s head in distress. Robert took it as a sign and went for a check-up with his doctor just to see that everything was okay.

It turns out that Robert had a life-threating form of skin cancer that required immediate surgery. As the cancer was in its early stages the surgery was a success and the cancer was defeated, saving Roberts life in the process.

It’s crazy to think that without one another, Robert and Buddy might not have lived much longer! They were clearly meant to be together!

Man & his best friend working out at Danville YMCA

Buddy & his owner workout a couple times a week together. Their story is incredible because both are the reason each other are alive today.Story:

Posted by ABC 13 – WSET on Sunday, September 4, 2016