This Guy Just Found Out That A Huge Worm Had Been Living In His Fish Tank For Years

As anyone that has ever own a fish tank or aquarium will be able to say, frequent cleanings can be hard to keep up with. It is generally recommended that you clean it out once every week when possible, stretching to a few weeks at a push. That begs the question exactly how a close to 4 foot sea worm could secretly be living in a tank, which was precisely what happened to YouTube user gurutek. After planning a thorough cleaning of his tank, a massive bristle worm revealed itself as an unknown resident of the man’s aquarium, clocking in an impressive 1.2 meters in length.

Bristle worms can often be used to keep tanks clean thanks to their eating habits, which also makes them rather secretive, and they don’t tend to reveal themselves unless they are hungry. As evidenced by their spikey spines, moving them in and out of a tank can be rather difficult.
How exactly the worm got there remains a mystery…