Unique Wooden Bookends Transform Dioramae of Tokyo’s Narrow Alleyways

Anyone who has visited Tokyo and wandered her massive spider-like streets and alleys knows what makes this city so different and wonderfully unique. The streets and alleys are just one of the many elements that make Tokyo so enticing and draws people to explore every nook and cranny!

The designer, Monde, decided to bring the back alleys forward by creating his Back Alley Bookends for your bookshelves.

bookends transform dioramae japanese back alleys

This artwork is the brainchild of this Japanese designer.  Monde loves creating objects that are inspired by animals, insects, and the city of Tokyo. His Back Alley Bookends are a pair that literally look like the small alleys around Tokyo. They can be used separately to show off the artwork’s intricate stepping stones, piping, plants, etc. Every detail is painstakingly created by hand.

bookends transform dioramae japanese back alleys

During the recent Design Festa, which a Tokyo-based arts and crafts event, Monde exhibited several of his pieces including his Back Alley Bookends. Tokyo’s arts and crafts event bring artists together to exhibit their work., Both amateurs and professionals show off their works and exchange ideas and styles.  If you are going to be in Tokyo and want to visit this event, the next one will take place from August 2 to 4 and then from November 10 to 11. You are also welcome to contact the artist directly if you’d like.

h/t: (Spoon & Tamago)

bookends transform dioramae japanese back alleys