Bokodi-hűtőtó: The Lake That Rarely Freezes

Lake Bokodi, or Bokodi-hűtőtó in Hungarian, is an artificial lake in Bokod, Hungary. It was created in 1961 by Oroszlány Thermal Power Company to act as a cooling pond for the plant. Since the water is continuously circulated, the lake rarely freezes over despite the harsh winters of Hungary. However, in 2015, the power plant was shut down which means that Lake Bokodi is no longer heated during winter and it might affect fishing negatively in the future.

Bokodi-hűtőtó is an attractive spot for fishers and anglers.

Due to the continuous recycling of the water, the lake rarely freezes enabling fishing all year round. There are many wooden cabins and cottages over the lake where locals live. It is used as a vacation spot during the summer as well.


When photos of the lake became viral on social media, tourists started to visit the village as well.

wooden cabins, Bokodi-hűtőtó

The wooden cabins are built upon platforms and piles. They are connected to the land and to each other with boardwalks. Because of that reason, Bokodi-hűtőtó is also known as a floating village.

wooden cabins, Bokodi-hűtőtó

The lake is bordered by two villages called Bokod and Oroszlany and it is 80km away from Budapest.

winter in Bokodi-hűtőtó