15 Powerful Before & After Pics Show How Rescue Can Change A Cat

Cats are warm, loving and graceful pets. They bring a lot of joy and companionship to their owners, especially to homes that openly accept them. A cat rescued from the streets enjoys a kind of love that transcends the ordinary. Do you wish to experience this unusual sort of love? Then you should seriously consider rescuing a cat as the list we have of rescued cats will definitely encourage you to adopt one. Many cats like those rescued here need our love and if you have your own personal stories of rescued cats, please share them here.

#1 Justin, Fire Survivor

Before & After recue catssource

#2 Shelter Found A Box Of Kittens With Only One Living But Blind Survivor. 6 Months Later, She Is Healthier Than Ever

Before & After recue catssource

#3 Bunny Was Found With Many Wounds After Being Electrocuted. Here He Is A Few Months Later

Before & After recue catssource

#4 Mr. Biscuits Tried To Get Warm In A Car Engine And Was Burned Badly When The Car Drove Away. Now He’s Recovered

Before & After recue catssource

#5 Kitty Was Found Half Dead. Here She Is A Month Later

Before & After recue catssource

#6 Louie Was Found Abandoned In The Gutter Just Two Weeks Old. Now He Is The King Of The House

Before & After recue catssource

#7 Rescued Kitty Before And After

Before & After recue cats

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