Photographer Captures Bee Peeing Mid-Flight

Many of us have been left in awe and speechless at the endless beauty of nature caught on camera, from breath-taking landscapes to amazing animals. Sometimes we get a glimpse of an image we never imaged we would see – such as a bee peeing. Mark Parrott, an amateur photographer from Grimsby Telegraph, managed to snap up the incredible image of bee just as it discharged its uric acid mid-flight. The photograph has sicne gone viral, and Mark shared his feelings about catching such a unique image (which he managed to do when he was photographing a swarm of bees in his garden) “I was shocked with excitement when I saw the shot and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It’s difficult to get good close-up shots without a tripod and this one was taken handheld.”

More Info: (h/t: The Huffington Post)

Bee Peeing Mid-Flight