Foodie Concocts Coconut Milk Bowls That Are Vibrant Works of Edible Art

Coconut yogurt, blue majik powder, dragonfruit, and edible flowers

There are many health benefits to coconut milk. One of the benefits being nutrients which help the body protect itself from infections and diseases. Ami, who is a foodie based in Sydney, likes coconut milk so much that she’s turned it into food art. With the Instagram name @the_sunkissed_kitchen, she’s posted up artistic pictures of coconut milk bowls which contain an assortment of coconuts, oats, and fresh fruit.

Many who see the pictures say the coconut bowls look so good that they wouldn’t even want to eat them. People seem to get more pleasure just by looking at the colorful and artistic blend that these bowls have to offer. Ami mixes hue colors like magenta and baby blue with edible flowers and citrus fruits. Underneath is her dish which now doubles as a canvas for her art. Ami arranges the morsels very carefully and gives great attention to the textures, shapes, and colors of them all. It is almost like she’s creating a painting or a collage with her morsels.
Coconut yogurt, coconut water, dragonfruit, and banana

Coconut yogurt, mango, blueberries, bananas, and mulberries

Young coconut, blue majik powder, and grapes

Young coconuts, bananas, dates, and dragonfruit

Young coconut, rice malt syrup, vanilla powder, macadamia butter, and cacao butter

Coconut milk, oats, nectarine, pomegranate, banana, strawberries, edible flowers, and coconut yogurt

Almond coconut milk, banana, and dragonfruit

@the_sunkissed_kitchen: Instagram | Facebook h/t: [Hello Giggles]