Baby Girl Was Born Deaf — Now Watch When She Hears Mom Say ‘I Love You.’

A gorgeous baby girl was born to Christy Keane in August of 2017.  Unfortunately, she was born deaf but her parents spent just about every waking hour looking for a solution.  Finally, after a great deal of research, they were able to give her a hearing aid.  This was the first time little Charlotte heard her mom say “Hi” and her sweet little face just lit up!

Her mom wanted to treasure this moment, so she recorded it.  Even though little Charlotte is still an infant, you can see her expression of joy through her tears every time she hears her mom say “I Love You”.

While birth is a miracle, the moment this baby girl received her hearing aid and could hear everything around her was a miracle too!  Her parents are already working on future implants and language development, and it looks like this precious little angel will have a wonderful life to look forward to.

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