Baby Flamingo Became An Internet Star While Trying To Be An Adult

At Pittsburgh’s National Aviary is an adorable baby flamingo, and it’s trying to be an adult by taking its first step. Both visitors and folks online watch the baby flamingo coming to realization that adulthood is difficult, everyone find the bird just too relatable. “Both visitors and staff at the National Aviary staff can’t stop ooh’ing and ahhh’ing over this little one!” said the caption of an adorable picture of a flamingo (4-day-old) posted on the Facebook page of an organization. Honestly speaking, people keep praising the chick for its fluffiness and also admire its super long legs. But the most adorable thing about the bird is that it tries to be an adult so hard. Celesse who is a Twitter user also share the picture of the birdie with the following caption: “BABY FLAMINGO…….who is trying so hard to be a flamingo.”

We can all observe that the bird is trying to stand on a single leg just like an adult flamingo. We watch the baby flamingo trying to make sense of its anatomy and changing body….

Yup, being an adult is not an easy task, little fellow! Well, at least, the bird doesn’t need to deal with taxes and loans yet. Psst…..Growing up is a trap, baby flamingo! Don’t grow up!

More info: National Aviary | Facebook