New Born Chameleon Not Quite Ready for Life Outside of the Comforts of His Egg

Baby reptiles that are ready to emerge from their eggs and see the world for the first time do so by ‘pipping’ their way out. This is the process of breaking the shell of their eggs using their teeth – similar in the way baby birds use their beaks to escape. This little fellow couldn’t quite get the job done himself; luckily his home is in the Canvas Chameleon pet shop in Reading, Pennsylvania, where he received a bit of help getting out from his egg. The baby panther chameleon didn’t quite realise he had been born into the world yet, and remained cosily snugged up as if he was still inside of the egg. His look gives a rare glimpse to see just what reptiles look like within the confines of an egg. We’re glad to report he has since got accustomed with life outside the egg and his enjoying himself with the rest of his chameleon family.

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“Here is a baby Panther only seconds old that didn’t realize he was out of the egg”

baby hatched egg

“I had to help him out of the egg. I don’t believe he would have been able to do it on his own as it didn’t pip correctly so I helped him out”

baby hatched egg

“If the egg pips on the side for some reason it can be difficult for the little one to push out as their head isn’t near the hole and I’ve actually had them push out other parts of their bodies like their yoke sac which ultimately end up taking their life”

baby hatched egg

“I felt it was necessary to play mother nature and give him a helping hand”

baby hatched egg

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