Arnaldo Pomodoro: Perfect Spheres with Chaos Inside

Arnaldo Pomodoro is an Italian artist born in Montefeltro in 1926. He started his carrier in Milan in the 1950s with high-reliefs which was also considered “sculptural writing.” Nevertheless, his better-known spherical bronze sculptures came in during the 1960s. He also used other geometrical shapes such as discs, pyramids, cones, columns, and cubes. Through carving into the perfect and shiny surfaces of these bronze spheres, Pomodoro reveals the chaos inside the order. Pomodoro sometimes also includes a smaller sphere within a sphere which symbolizes the birth of a more orderly world from a larger world of disorder.

The artist also started to shift toward monumental sculpture after he was commissioned to create a sphere for the Expo in Montreal in 1966. Accordingly, it is possible to see the works of Pomodoro in several places around the world such as Los Angeles, Dublin, Tokyo, Tehran, the Vatican, New York, Paris, etc. Here are some of Pomodoro’s best works.

Sfera n.2, 1963

Arnaldo Pomodoro Sfera n.2, 1963

Grande Disco in Milan, 1972

Grande Disco

Sfera Grande, also known as “the Tomato,” in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, Italy

Arnaldo Pomodoro, Sfera Grande

Sfera n.5, 1965

Arnaldo Pomodoro Sfera n.5, 1965

Sfera con Sfera

Arnaldo Pomodoro Sfera con Sfera

Sfera n.4

Arnaldo Pomodoro Sfera n.4

Sphere Within Sphere

Sphere Within Sphere

Sfera n2 in De Young Museum in San Francisco

Sfera n2  in De Young Museum in San Francisco

Sphere n.3 in Venice

Sphere n.3 in Venice
Sphere n.3 in Venice

Lot 32 by Arnaldo Pomodoro

Lot 32 by  Arnaldo Pomodoro

“Sfera con Sfera” made out of fiberglass is on display in the Modernist Garden at the New Orangery in Warsaw.

Sfera con Sfera

“Entering the Labyrinth” is an installation inspired by the Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh. First exhibited in 1995, the installation is now a permanent art object in the headquarters of Fendi in Milan.


Sfera n.3, 1964

Sfera n.3, 1964

Triad, 1979

Triad, 1979