Leuven Town Hall (1448-1469) Belgium

The town hall of Leuven is one of the most famous gothic town halls in the world. It took three architects and thirty years to build it. Leuven’s ‘Hall of Fame’ features 235 statues, which were only added to the façade after 1850.

Albi Cathedral, France

It was begun in 1282 and was under construction for 200 years. It is claimed to be the largest brick building in the world.

Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice

Hotel Danieli, formerly Palazzo Dandolo, is a five-star palatial hotel in Venice, Italy. It was built at the end of the 14th century by one of the Dandolo families.

St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London⠀

Porto, Portugal

Sainte-Chapelle, Paris, France

Palazzo Reale di Napoli by Domenico Fontana, built around 1600

Opera Garnier

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Landgericht Halle


Neo-Gothic Apartment House in Budapest, built-in 1894

The Erawan Museum. Thailand