Photographer Takes ‘Archi-Delic’ Photographs From Around The World

Photographer Boluddha takes ‘Archi-delic’ photographs from around the world and here are 12 of his photographs.

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La Monumental

Squaring the Circle – The Monumental City

Aerial view of La Monumental embedded inside Barcelona’s Eixample district. La Monumental is Barcelona’s noucentista-style bullfighting ring in Barcelona. Built in 1914 and closed in 2011 when bullfighting was banned in Catalunya. Since then it hosts sporting, musical and circus events.

Galleria Sciarra, Rome, Italy

This hidden Art Nouveau courtyard is an opulent feast for the eyes. The opulent courtyard was built in the late 19th century for the wealthy, influential Sciarra family. It was meant to be a shopping mall, which, had the mall come to fruition, would perhaps be one of the most beautiful shopping centers in Rome.

Galleria Sciarra

Modernist Facade in Blue

archi delic photographs

The Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor, Barcelona

La Muralla Roja

Barcelona Cathedral

archi delic photographs

5. They call me Mellow Yellow

6. El Palacio de Aguas Corrientes

Beautiful fa├žade ­čĺÜ

archi delic photographs

Fairly Fairy-Taley Fa├žade

archi delic photographs

Porcelain Porto


Wholesome Towers

archi delic photographs

Palau de la M├║sica Catalana, Barcelona