Stunning Animated GIFs Colorize Vintage Black and White Photos

Photographs of the past have always served as one of the best reminders of our history. Since its inception, the photograph has helped to capture iconic moments and people throughout recent human history, with many of them remaining in black and white, serving as a neat reminder of the time period.

Of course, colored photographs have long replaced the need for black and white images, although we can easily add the effect now! Yet adding color to black and white photos has never been easy, until recent times at least.

Dutch website NSMBL has taken full advantage of the ability to add color to black and white photographs, and they have added a cool touch to provide a ‘before’ and ‘after’ view of these old photos.

The colorization process has been shown through an animated GIF, which shows the original black and white image before being brought to life with vibrant colors.

It’s a rather simple process that involves slowly adding color to each photograph, with many famous photos receiving the treatment, from Albert Einstein to Martin Luther King, Jr. It completely transforms each image, giving it a whole new dimension, almost bringing it to life through bursts of color.