20 Poor Animals Who Got Stuck While Eating

Warning, this list is full of cuteness! Here are the adorable animals who seriously overestimated themselves and got miserably stuck in the progress of eating.

1. He Got Stuck

stuck animals while eatingBeastmonger

2. He Has It All But It Cost Him Everything

stuck animals while eatingurvillageidiot

3. My Dog Managed To Get Into A Pack Of Frozen Fish Fillets And He Would’ve Gotten Away With It If He Didn’t Get Stuck And Had To Come To Me For Help

stuck animals while eatingxenphioncrisux

4. The Derpiness Starts Early

stuck animals while eatingunknown

5. He Tried To Lick The Plates And Got Stuck

stuck animals while eating

6. My Cat Got His Head Stuck In The Ice Cream Container. Tried To Back Up. Found That There Was Less Table Than He Thought.

stuck animals while eatingreddit.com

7. After Returning Home This Is How We Caught My Husky Eating Cat Food…


8. We Left Them Alone For 5 Minutes With A Full Feeder And This Happens -_- (She Is Ok Just Was Very Confused When We Got Her Out)


9. I’m Stuck!!! Cat Faces Dry Food Feeder Dilemma

10. Cat Stuck In A Cereal Box