15 Animals That Can’t Hide Their Emotions Anymore

1. Ask her “Whats wrong” and she says “Nothing.” And then, you get to see this face for the rest of the day:

2. Dog has mastered her sad face

3. What? There is a tax on eating leaves too now?

4. Posing for a photograph

5. Mom has fallen asleep. I can sneak into the fridge now.

6. Selfies make me blush!

7.  Whatever!


8. A way to hide from your ex?


9. OMG, really?

10. I promise I won’t steal food again…

11. I bought property on the Moon. Goodbye, human!

12. Why does it feel like a tickle and no danger?

13. I don’t mean to laugh at you but… you are too funny!

14. Hangover!

15. Do you think I should register for a beauty pageant?