These Unlikely Dog And Duck Friends Are Teaching Humans That Differences Don’t Matter!

Barclay is a Golden Retriever and his best friend is Rudy, a Pekin duck who is four years old and their friendship is something that would get eyeballs rolling. However, not all things start smoothly. It was bumpy in the start when Barclay tried the tasty stolen duck chow and Rudy was the alpha duck of the group and would chase Barclay away at every chance. Soon, this continued on a frequent basis, and in a while, they had a thick friendship. Whenever they are together, they would chase or jump on someone else, but are always at the lookout at each other.

Barclay always troubles Rudy, either by sniffing its butt or drinking their bath water, while Rudy returns the favor by jumping over him. They cuddle and play with each other, having a strong bond.

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Rudy is the Pekin duck and his best friend is Barclay, a Golden Retriever.

Although they had a bumpy start, they gelled together quickly.

It was just a matter of time before they bonded well.



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They have a healthy friendship.

Well, nobody’s perfect.

While they both irritate each other in their own ways!