Dog Forced To Grow Up In A Rust Box Gets Emotional When She Touches Grass For The First Time

If you’re looking for a sob story to get you in the mood for day, this is one that is sure to really motivate you to get out there and do some rescuing of your own, despite how you may think about it normally. Meet this sweet little dog. She was forced to grow up in a home that is anything but comfortable, one that most of us get angry even thinking about. It was cold, rusty, and she was forced to stay inside, not being allowed to go outside or stretch her legs. It’s clear to anyone who knows anything about animals that she was abused.

Well, just look at her now. She has been rescued from that horrible life and is introduced to grass – a foreign concept to her formally – for the first time. Her reaction is so sweet that is beyond words for most of us. It’s heartbreaking to think that anyone would do something so torturous to a puppy, or an animal for that matter, but it is sweet to see when they are rescued and taught to love humans and shown there there is plenty of good parts of life that are waiting to be harnessed by all those who love animals. Check out the video and sweet the sweetness for yourself.

Thumbnail Credit” OTOZ Animals

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