40 Cute Animal Brothers From Different Mothers

Here are animals that are brothers undoubtedly even if they have different mothers. These 40 cute animal brothers will make your day!

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1. Her New Kitten Is Odd, But She Still Loves Her

animal brothersmacbookwhoa

2. Son?

Pavlova Polina

3. “Don’t Take Him. He’s A Part Of Me”

animal brothersDreamworld

4. Brother From Another Mother


5. Just A Newfoundland Taking His Pony For A Walk

animal brothers

6. There’s A Spy Among Us


7. Partners In Crime And Their Matching Coats

animal brothersGamer_Diva

8. These Two Little Cows Look So Similar You Could Almost Mistake Them For Twins


9. My Friend’s Two Husky Mixes, With Their Color-Coordinated Kitten Look-Alikes. The Aww Factor Is Off The Charts

animal brothersbigafricanhat

10. One Of These Is Not Like The Others