Courageous Woman Risks Her Life To Save Tiny Fox From Cruel People

There are many people throughout the world who still believe in hunting animals for sport. While many agree that such a practice is pretty barbaric and has no place in modern times, many continue to advocate hunting animals for nothing but pleasure (as opposed to hunting for conservation or sustenance).  One example of a hotly debated form of hunting animals for sport is fox hunting in the UK. Fox hunting has actually been banned for years in Britain, with most agreeing how unnecessary and cruel such a ‘sport’ is. Some disagree with this though and continue to hunt despite the illegal status of the act. So when one woman bravely jumped in to help one fox that was moments from being finished off by dozens of dogs, it shows how fearless she was.

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Posted by Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

With so many dogs ready to attack and kill the helpless fox, the women had no guarantees that she would not be hurt when she jumped in to rescue him. Despite this, she thankfully persisted to save the fox, much to the chagrin of its hunters.