This Video Is Hard To Watch. But In France, This Happens Every Day.

If you are someone who is always fighting for animal rights, you’ll find that this video strikes a nerve.  It’s a graphic, traumatizing video that shows a poor, innocent angora rabbit being shaved so that any of the valuable fur that makes them so popular is taken off and this rabbit is left to fend for itself amongst people who truly care nothing for this poor creature.

To say it’s heartbreaking is certainly an understatement.  There are many of us that would want to rip this guy’s head off if we had the choice, especially after watching a video such as this.  The worse part is that this kind of thing happens everyday.  Someone, somewhere always want clothing or accessories with real fur, so this has to happen to a poor rabbit that doesn’t understand what’s going on.

(Warning: Video contains graphic content.)

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