Here’s How Ancient Wonders of the World Would Look Today

If you are history buff, or just love adventure, odds are, seeing the ancient civilizations and their ruins is on your bucket list.  These can be moving pieces of art, or actual structures that served a purpose when in use around the world in their day.  While ruins still exist in many of these locations, none of the biggest structures are to the quality they were in their hay-day. So, artists Evgeny Kazantsev digitally recreated the magic of the ancient world so that we could all see what they would look like in modern day civilization.

 The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

There is debate over whether or not the hanging gardens actually ever existed, as the only evidence of is existence is in ancient writings.  The history of the gardens is that it was created by Nebuchadnezzar II for his wife, Queen Amytis in hopes that it would ease her homesickness of her homeland in Medes.  Whether or not they actually did exist, it would be an incredible sight to see.

Ancient Wonders

Statue of Zeus at Olympia

This statue used to sit at 42 feet tall and was crafted beautifully out of precious stones, ebony and gold.  It has awed many the spectator in its day, including Aemilius Paulus, a Roman general.  This statue, depicting the Greek god, lived in the Temple of Zeus in Olympia.  When the temple burned down in 475 AD, the statue was destroyed.  It was rumoured that looking into the eyes of this beautiful statue was like looking into the eyes of Zeus himself, and your life would be changed forever.

Ancient Wonders

The Parthenon

This majestic structure was created for the goddess, Athena.  Though there are still remains of the creation today, much of its beauty has been lost over the years since its creation.  Situated in Athens, Greece, it is intriguing to look at the digital recreation and see the modern metropolis in the distance.

Ancient Wonders

The Colossus of Rhodes

Standing at 98 feet tall, this statue was meant to symbolize freedom and was depicting Helios, the Greek god of the sun.  50 years after its creation, it was destroyed in an earthquake, but interested spectators would continue to come and look at its ruins even years later.

Ancient Wonders

Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

150 feet tall, this mausoleum held the remains of Mausolus and his family and today you can see the remains of its majestic and horrific beauty in modern day Turkey.

Ancient Wonders

The Sphinx

Though we all know the famous Sphinx and how its missing nose makes it so famous and modern at the same time, this recreation shows all of its natural beauty.

Ancient Wonders

The Temple of Artemis

This beautiful temple was created for the Greek goddess, Artemis and is in what we know as Turkey today.  Though ruins are still visible today, this photo shows it original beauty.

Ancient Wonders

Mountain City of Petra

Beautiful in a natural kind of way, this mountain city in Souther Jordan shows how nature can be manipulated to house humans in a natural way.  This beautiful city can still be seen today, but with much less detail.

Ancient Wonders

Taqi ad-Din Observatory

This astronomical observatory only lived for three years, as it was created in a time when many were opposed to the idea of astronomy.  This tower is considered the largest every observatory created in the Islamic culture.

Ancient Wonders

The Tower of Babel

It’s hard to argue that this tower is anything but inspiring.  It was originally referred to as the structure that “reached towards the heavens.”.  Put side by side with modern buildings, we can see the large difference between modern and old life.

Ancient Wonders

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