It Was Not Smart For These Guys To Wake Up A Sleeping Anaconda

If you can believe it, there were three men stupid enough to bother this large and terrifying snake that resides in the deep rivers of Brazil.  The Anaconda had just fed and was happily digesting his meal in the overhang of the tree on the river.  As if seeing it was not terrifying enough, these three men decided that it was time for this giant snake to come out and play with them.  They repeatedly poked it with a wooden oar until had no choice but to swim out into the river in order to get some peace and quiet.  Once in the river the snake swam away to get to the other bank.  Each time it got the bank however, the men  pulled it back into the water, to the middle of the river.  They repeated this twice and then the poor snake was able to get back to the bank and was make its escape. Though there aren’t many people that find snakes pleasing, there was a lot of outrage about this.  That truth is, the Anaconda has a delicate system and having to swim and use its time and energy to get away instead of digesting could have hurt its system permanently and therefore and injured the animal’s life.  Each man was fined $600 for what happened, and we hope that this’ll be enough to deter them from doing something equally stupid again.  That being said, the men are not exactly the brightest ones so unfortunately they probably will find something else to pick on next time.  Let’s just hope the Anaconda doesn’t remember them.