Student Choir Makes Up ‘America’s Tallest Singing Christmas Tree’

The Mona Shores High School Choir performs a holiday show from the 67-foot tall structure.

Michelle is America’s housing Christmas street and it’s basically. Are high school clamp on to grad students standing in street singing Christmas music group. North and named the tallest in America there’s very few people that built these structures they’re built. Denton Texas. And so you know we can talk to them and say yes and when bill won bigger yet N. No one has an. Isn’t real scare when yen fourteen of them then when you spend on the ground troop. Everybody of course wants me the top of injury it’s the most spot near the highest it’s you know. The biggest the greatest of everything so over the years I’ve evolved it two. As you are older you get to go higher putting hatchery at the top of the tree are all seniors. I am and NN. Doesn’t like we’re here. And a tree and I’m and that fourteen drug sign won the wrote regularity to.

Source: abcnews

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