Africa’s Lake Natron Turns Animals Into Stone

Nick Brandt has clicked some fascinating photos that have gone viral in no time. He has clicked the photos in Lake Natron, which is based in Africa. In a new book by Nick titled Across the Ravaged Land, the North Tanzanian lake appears to be a death trap, where birds and bats slam into its surface thinking of it to be a reflective nature, similar to that of water. However, it turns out to be a plate glass window.

The temperatures can reach as high as 60 F and due to the high soda and salt content in the water; the creatures are calcified and preserved in the lake.

Brandt saw the creatures on the shoreline and then, he arranged them in living positions so that they appear to be back in life, or in living positions as he describes.

Nick Brandt: Website h/t: [NewScientist]