Adorable Pup Uses Her Big Brother to Get Around

2-year-old Bella is a loveable pup that recently shot to fame thanks to her amazing ability of getting around – with the help of a fellow dog named Hank! Seeing how adorable this was, her owner wasted little time in sharing the awesome photos with the internet.

“They absolutely love each other,” Adriana Burkhart, Bella’s owner explains. “Bella lives with me and Hank stays at my parents, but whenever I bring her home they both go crazy when they see each other.”

Luckily, she has the perfect sidekick to give her a boost

10-year-old Hank may be on the older side, but there is no separating the happy duo.

With Bella being a pint-sized pup, she has taken to using her much larger friend whenever the occasion calls for it, although this typically involves asking for treats!

So, any time Hank and Bella have a playdate arrange, Bella will spend most the time riding on the back of Hank, and he is all too happy to oblige!

“Hank is getting pretty old so it’s good for him to have a dog like Bella that keeps him active,” Adriana says.

“She entertains herself but loves to mess with Hank while doing so.

He’ll run around with her but when he gets tired he can sit down and she’ll just hang out on top of him for a while. They are the best.”

It didn’t take long for people to fall in love with the adorable duo