People Are Sharing Pics Of Absolute Units, And It’s Hard To Believe Things Can Get So Huge

People share images of large objects or beings on this online community titled absolute units.  Take a look at these huge ones to get surprised!

1. The Ardennes Is One Of The Oldest Breeds Of Draft Horse, Dating Back To Ancient Rome

2. This Horse Is An Absolute Unit

3. His Destiny Was To Become A Unit

4. A Tremendous Amount Of Good Boy

5. Riley Howell, 21. The Absolute Unit That Tackled The Uncc Shooter And Tragically Lost His Life

6. A Bad Dog Owner Dumped This Wolfdog At A Kill Shelter When He Got Too Big And Too Much To Handle. Luckily A Sanctuary Took Him, Instead And Saved His Life! His Dna Testing Came Back As 87.5 % Gray Wolf, 8.6 % Siberian Husky, And 3.9 % German Shepherd

7. A Comfy Chonk

8. Very Thicc Floof

9. Absolute Unit Of A Cow, Over 6 Feet Tall


10. Been Asked To Share My 67lb Cabbage You You Lovely People. Hope You Enjoy And I Think Its Fitting For The Group