40 ‘Absolute Unit’ Pics, It’s Hard To Believe Things Can Get So Huge

21. Behemoth Butter Cabbage Grown In Hedensted, Denmark

absolute unitWideEyes369

22. An Absolute Unit Of A Fern


23. Absolute Unit Of A Tortoise

absolute unitavalef

24. This Heart Of A Blue Whale


25. When You Misplace A Point Ordering A Drill Bit


26. Some Units Need Trailers!

absolute unitJimmyBags2

27. The Tallest Mallard Duck To Have Ever Lived (Since Records Began) Known As ‘Long Boi’ He Lives On The Campus Of The University Of York, England. He Stands Just Over 1m Tall (3.5ft).


28. This Cat-Loving Beard

absolute unit


29. This Guinea Pig Is An Absolute Unit


30. Green Bean Dad Grew, Banana For Scale.

absolute unitClones_ontherun