Abandoned Puppy Offers her Rescuer a Big Kiss

“They are just so forgiving. I can see it in her eyes.”

Judy Obregon runs The Abandoned Ones, a local rescue charity that operates in Texas. Her team of dedicated volunteers know of a spot in Echo Park where countless unwanted dogs are left behind.

She drives around the roads of this area and many others, keeping an eye out for any poor pooches that are scared, hungry and alone. Sadly, many times she is too late, finding only bags of decease pets, yet she was lucky enough to recently find a dog in need of her help.


Upon spotting the pup, Judy immediately stopped and couldn’t believe it when the dog instantly ran over to her seeking help. The poor thing was in such a poor state that she walked with a terrible limp that slowed her down.


The pup almost instantly placed her head in the hands of Judy, who took her straight to the vet for a check-up. Remarkably, the dog – who has since been named Callie – was fine besides her limp, which occurred after breaking free from a shoestring that had attached her to a fence.

She currently awaits adoption at a foster home and is already smiling, going to show how much of a good girl Callie is.