Abandoned and Scary Places Around the World

Farmhouse, Seneca Lake, NY

Are you looking for something that can get into your nightmares? This ratty ranch house from New York is just cut out for that purpose! The discarded cars which you can see around the ranch house are scary as well. Were the cars owned by the people who lived in the house? If they were not, who did they belong to? What was the reason for their owners to leave them there? Questioning the details about this place makes it extra eerie.


The Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea

This unbelievable building is regrettably left incomplete. This is a hotel with 105 storeys and it was left unfinished due to a horrible poverty in the country that it was being built in. After nearly 20 years, glasses worth $150 million were set up, however the inside of the hotel was still deserted in 2008.


Six Flags Jazzland, New Orleans, LA

The Hurricane Katrina brought misery to many places in the United States including this park. This park which used to be absolutely a cheerful place is now one of the scariest places in the country. Since the hurricane the park has been an abandoned area. Now there is an intention to rebuild the park however it looks like the place would be a perfect location for shooting gruesome scenes.


Gulliver’s Travels Park, Japan

Honestly, what you see in this photograph is beyond words. The sculpture, or whatever it is, of the giant man who resembles Gulliver a lot is pretty scary to start with. Moreover, this thing looks strangely like a real man. So, it would be both fun and scary to fly over it in a plane.


Orpheum Auditorium, New Bedford, MA

A lot of people know that a transatlantic called the Titanic was sank. What most people does not know is that on the very same day in 1912 an auditorium opened its doors. The place remained a center for plays and concerts. During the 1st World War it was turned into a firing range. Quite a lot of soldiers gained experience in that place all along the 1st and the 2nd World Wars. It stayed open until 1962.