A Teenager Finds This Horse On The Side Of The Road – Watch How She Responds

There are some stories that just get to us no matter how strong and brave we think we are.  One of these stories is that of Sonny the horse and Kelsey, a young teenager that risked her life and future in order to save this abused and broken horse’s life.  This video will show you the love that Kelsey feels for this horse before she even gets to know him.  It’s a remarkable video that will completely change the way you look at the relationship between human and animal. Sonny is how doing well and living with Kelsey close at hand.  While he is still skittish and very much afraid of people, he can tolerate them being close to him: a miracle in itself when you think about the torturous past that he must have had to lead him to where Kelsey found him.  Thankfully he had the perfect guardian angel for the job and is a survivor.