80-Year-Old Tortoise Hatches A New Baby. But That’s Not Her Only Surprise…

Nature is incredible, especially the miracle of birth in all of its forms. While you’ve seen babies of just about every species, you probably haven’t seen these adorable tiny creatures. They are tortoises, nine days old from an 80 year old mom that is proud of newly hatched little ones.

80-year-old-tortoise-mom-tiny-babiesZOO ZURICH, CORINNE INVERNIZZI

This is an old mother, but these little babies could outlive us all. They can live hundreds of years with the right conditions and therefore outlive humans on a large scale. While we wish we could see these fantastic creatures grow up to their final size (over 200 pounds), we will not be able to do this and hope that we can trust our future family members to take on our journeys. So, with that settled, we are now free to simply sit back and enjoy these fantastic and incredible creatures that are so adorable yet also majestic.

Jumbo visiting with the babies

80-year-old-tortoise-mom-tiny-babiesZOO ZURICH, SAMUEL FURRER

While everyone may not find these fantastic creatures very nice to look at, the rest of the world groups around the enclosure and makes baby noises at them. There are two kinds of people, I guess.