7,000-Year-Old Lost Egyptian City Found By Archaeologists

One of the uncovered grave sites at the ‘lost city.’ Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities via Facebook

If you are a history buff then you know the importance of finding what are called “lost cities”.  This one is certainly no exception.  It is a forgotten about, lost city that was recently found, and it is said to be Egyptian, lost for over 7000 years.  It features all sorts of architecture that is exciting to say the least, and it has royal tombs that are still be unearthed right now.  It makes us wonder what else lies under the earth waiting to be discovered again.  Maybe we will be able to see other parts of history coming back to the light before our eyes, waiting for us to enjoy what is hidden in them and learn from them for our future generations and their futures.  It is the start of wonderful things to come. More Info: iflscience, bbc

أعلن الدكتور محمود عفيفي رئيس قطاع الآثار المصرية الكشف عن جبانة ومدينة سكنية تعود لعصر بداية الأسرات (5316 ق.م) تقع على…

Posted by ‎Ministry of Antiquities وزارة الآثار‎ on Thursday, November 24, 2016

The discovery conveniently comes at a time when the country is hoping to boost its flagging tourism industry, which has been heavily damaged by the recent spate of regional political instability, acts of terrorism, and sectarian violence.

The so-called helicopter hieroglyphs. Olek95/Wikimedia Commons; Public Domain