20 Adorable And Goofy Reasons Why Corgis Are Just Ridiculously Loveable Doggies

Everybody loves Corgi, and for a good reason. These goofballs will never fail to brighten up your day!

1. Went To A Corgi Meet Up This Weekend. The Other Corgis Are All Looking At The Ball. My Dog, On The Other Hand, Is Derping Really Hard


2. So Sad Even The Tiles Are Feeling It


3. This Might Be The Most Photogenic Corgi Ever

4. Corgi Down, Corgi Down!


5. My Friend’s Corgi Ate Pumpkin Seeds, Pooped Them Out, And They Started Growing. Here She Is Sitting Next To Her Work


6. A Man And His Corgi

man and dog tshirt

7. Tired Corgi Mama

corgi with pups

8. Raft Life Vs. Not Raft Life

swimming corgi


9. Not Even Gonna Bother With A Caption. Just Enjoy These Two Silly Silly Balls Of Silliness


10. How My Little Nugget Slept When He Was A Puppy